Lightning Rising

From a young age I knew this to be true and loyal I remained.
To my friends, to my boyfriend Chris, to my school Sally
Brown. I fought, bled, and cried for them. That is until my
parents forced my transfer.
Thrown into the dangerous world of my greatest School rival,
Kent Wood, I had to figure out how to stay in the shadows. So
Loran Black disappeared and in her place Lovota Miller a
small alternative school girl emerged. Everything was going
according to plan until the cheer captain knocked on my door.
As I befriended my middle school nemesis and was forced to
associate with Chris’s basketball rival, I knew that hiding in
the shadows wasn’t going to be an option for long. Tensions
were on the rise and soon I would have to decide, what loyalty
really meant


“The schools were created to improve our lives. But no one expected the consequences.” -Loran


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