Loran is a dynamic and spirited young woman, known for her resilience and determination. As a student at Sally Brown School, she excels in both academics and athletics, reflecting her well-rounded character. Loran is particularly passionate about technology and innovation, often seen engaging with the latest gadgets and participating in tech-related competitions. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn drive her to explore various fields, making her a versatile and influential member of her community. Loran's leadership qualities are evident as she often takes initiative in group projects and school events, inspiring her peers with her optimistic outlook and unwavering commitment to excellence. Loran Kyle is a formidable and ambitious student from Kent Wood School, known for his sharp intellect and competitive nature. He stands out with his athletic build and confident demeanor. Kyle has short, spiked brown hair and piercing coffee-brown eyes, which reflect his determination and focus. A prominent scar under his left eye adds a touch of ruggedness to his appearance, hinting at his experience in both physical and mental challenges. Kyle is often seen wearing his school uniform, which emphasizes his disciplined and serious approach to his studies and sports. As a leader in both the basketball team and the academic field, Kyle's presence is commanding, and his relentless pursuit of excellence inspires those around him. Kyle Jaz is a brave and resilient young woman, renowned for her loyalty and resourcefulness. She navigates constant danger with remarkable adaptability, reflecting her survival skills and strong moral compass. Jaz is deeply committed to her friends, often risking her safety to protect them. Her empathy and determination drive her actions, sometimes leading to poor choices. Jaz Shan is a steadfast and compassionate individual known for his caring and protective nature. He often provides emotional support and stability to those around him. His unwavering dedication to his friends makes him a pillar of strength. Shan’s actions consistently reflect his deep concern for others, highlighting his role as both a protector and a source of emotional reassurance. Shan Hayley is as kind as she is vicious. The cheerleading captain and one of the top students at Kent Wood she is at the top of the social latter. She knows how to use her position to secure the latest information, ensuring that those she loves wont come to harm, socially or physically. With Kyle by her side she knows that she can keep them all safe. Hayley Hunter is a fierce and resourceful man, known for his sharp instincts and quick reflexes. His commanding presence is Overwhelming at times. He has a reputation for being highly skilled in strategic planning and hand-to-hand combat, making him a valuable asset in high-stakes scenarios. Hunter When it comes to Chris there is more to him then meets the eye. From caring boyfriend to rival he has many faces. Driven by a strong sense of justice and loyalty, Chris is dedicated to his friends and always ready to tackle complex situations. His charm, intellect, and resourcefulness make him an invaluable asset, ensuring his pivotal role in any team. Chris Thames, or as his friends call him Tom, is the top of the school when i comes to academics. He is an empathetic and protective young man, known for his calm and supportive nature. Despite his own challenges, he remains steadfast in his support for his friends, showcasing his protective instincts and strong moral compass. Tom The Shadow Wars Shop