Lightning Rising
Loyalty Means Everything. Betrayal Means Death.

From a young age I knew this to be true and loyal I remained.
To my friends, to my boyfriend Chris, to my school Sally
Brown. I fought, bled, and cried for them. That is until my
parents forced my transfer.
Thrown into the dangerous world of my greatest School rival,
Kent Wood, I had to figure out how to stay in the shadows. So
Loran Black disappeared and in her place Lovota Miller a
small alternative school girl emerged. Everything was going
according to plan until the cheer captain knocked on my door.
As I befriended my middle school nemesis and was forced to
associate with Chris's basketball rival, I knew that hiding in
the shadows wasn't going to be an option for long. Tensions
were on the rise and soon I would have to decide, what loyalty
really meant.

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Wolf's Revenge
Loyalty Is Earned. Pain Is Constant.

Since the New Year, I knew it better then most. 

After loosing everything with the dawn of a new year the only comfort I had was in the arms of those I once considered enemies. 

My nightmares were turning into reality, my world upside down, yet I had never been more sure of who I was.

I was willing to fight, kill and die for them and they for me.

After all the voice inside me wanted blood and it was only growing stronger.

I feared I wouldn't be able to stop it as I scrambled to silence it.

With the war between the schools growing the only way to ensure the survival of  those I loved was to win.

If that meant Chris and all those who turned on me had to die for that to be possible then all the better. 

But would the sacrifices for my loyalty be worth the pain.

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Kristin Satterfield

Inspiring Novelist

An engineer by day and a writer at night, Kristin enjoys exploring the worlds of tomorrow. Her passion for writing started young in an eighth-grade writing class and after stumbling through her first novel she fell in love with the process. She finds inspiration in the world around her from her two crazy dogs and little sassy bird to the people she meets on the street. With her debut novel Lighting Rising, Kristin is bringing the world in her imagination to life.