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Welcome to the seven schools of The United States of North America. Founded in 2028 The Universal School System is the peak of education. Our Seven schools provide a place for every student. click one know to learn more or take The Test to find your spot. The Seven Schools 01 / 05 Florida Falcons Sally Brown Trident Water High Sandy Village Michel Thomas Kent Wood The Test Skip To End skip_next Back Next skip_next The students of the seven schools represent a diverse and talented group of young individuals from various educational institutions, each with a unique focus and ethos. These schools cultivate a wide range of skills and knowledge, from creative arts and athletics at Sally Brown School, to advanced science and technology at Kent Wood. Sandy Village emphasizes strength and combat training, while Trident School fosters bravery and loyalty. Water High is known for its cunning and strategic thinking, Michel Thomas prioritizes wisdom, and The Falcons focus on nurturing a compassionate yet formidable spirit. Collectively, these students embody a vibrant spectrum of potential, prepared to make significant impacts in their respective fields and beyond. The Students Skip To End skip_next 02 / 05 Learn More Next skip_next Back Established in 2047, The MEDS revolutionized health management by introducing an innovative pill targeting both obesity and mental health issues. This groundbreaking advancement not only improved physical health, appearance, and capabilities, but also resulted in significant behavioral changes among those who benefitted. Although MEDS achieved notable success in enhancing individual well-being, the societal impact was complex, marked by heightened tensions and volatile behaviors stemming from the rapid transformations experienced by the enhanced population. The society continues to influence public health policies and medical practices worldwide, shaping a new era of healthcare development. The Medical Evaluation and Disease Society Skip To End skip_next 02 / 05 Learn More Next skip_next Back The Megaplex is a sprawling, state-of-the-art entertainment complex Built by Megaplex Technologies that serves as a hub for various leisure activities catering to all ages. This colossal facility combines cutting-edge cinema halls, extensive shopping outlets, a variety of dining options, and a vast array of entertainment choices including virtual reality zones, gaming arcades, and live performance theaters. Designed with a futuristic aesthetic, Megaplex aims to provide an immersive experience that blends technology, culture, and entertainment under one roof. It's a destination designed to offer something for everyone, from movie enthusiasts and food lovers to adventure seekers and tech aficionados, making it a premier venue for both local residents and tourists.
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The Board for a Better Tomorrow is a visionary organization dedicated to shaping a sustainable and prosperous future through strategic initiatives and policies. Comprising of leaders from various sectors, including education, environment, technology, and public health, the Board focuses on long-term solutions that address pressing global challenges. The Board's mission is to create a balanced and equitable world where progress and sustainability go hand in hand, ensuring a better tomorrow for all. The board for a better tomorrow Skip To End skip_next 04/ 05 Learn More Start Music play_arrow The Shadow Wars Series